Custom Banding on a New Skirt Matches Contrast Welt

Custom Banding on a New Skirt Matches Contrast Welt

This was a fun project we recently worked on.

Designer Jacqueline Albanese of It’s In The Details wanted to have a contrast banding stitched onto the bottom of this skirt in order to match the contrast welt going on the rest of the chair. It took some time and attention, but we took the contrast fabric and stitched the band to the bottom of the COM material for the chair and skirt, and here’s the finished product!

“It’s always a lot of fun working on projects with Jacqui,” said Furniture Concepts CEO Kevin McMahon. “This was a really unique piece and the contrast fabric and welt really pop up against the body fabric. I really enjoy seeing a truly custom project like this come together. This is where we differentiate ourselves from other online or catalog retailers. You can’t get the type of customization that we had with this piece here.”

This chair was reupholstered. The project took about two weeks to complete after we received the chair and COM fabric.

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