Turning a Classic Heirloom Into a “Hockey Chair”

Turning a Classic Heirloom Into a “Hockey Chair”

There’s a great story behind the this mini-scaled wing chair.

Back in 1998, one of our upholsters, Ahmed, built this chair from scratch for the four-year-old son of our owner, Kevin McMahon. Ahmed adored Nicholas, and built the chair after work, on his own hours, fabricating it in genuine leather.


Nicholas was a fixture in our office until he started school. Camille, Kevin’s wife, who many of you know, also works in the office and would take Nicholas to work with her. He would sit in the office watching television and riding his Little Tikes bike around the shop handing out payroll on Friday.

Ahmed’s son, Semir, also worked at Furniture Concepts at the time. When his son was born, Kevin, Camille and Nicholas gave the chair to Semir, to “keep it in the family.”

Late last year, Semir returned the chair Kevin for his four-year-old grandson, Tyler.

Before it made it’s way to Tyler’s house, the little diehard Bruins fan wanted to perform a makeover.

His mom, Kevin’s daughter-in-law Kristin, found some Bruins fabric and her husband, Michael, made sure to get it into production as soon as possible.


To bring the project full circle, Ahmed’s brother, Ibrahim, who has been employed at Furniture Concepts for almost 18 years, reupholstered the piece.

Not to be outdone, a second chair was added to the collection, for Kevin’s other grandson, 2-year-old Owen, who was the recipient of a new custom mini wing chair to match his older brother’s.